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Software Engineering for Medical devices
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Thesis proposal

Here you’ll find our thesis proposal


Given a formal specification, develop a tool to automatic translate Abstract State Machine to java code. This process will be applied to a medical device.

Web service for 3D4amb

Within 3D4amb project, develop the web service to register and save test and threatment results to keep track of patients progress.


Projects about medical software


Medical software


Medical software

App for Colon operation Prehab

Medical software

App for Rehabilitation

Medical software


SE4Med (Software Engineering for Medical Devices) is a laboratory where people develop software for medical devices using different technologies.

  • 2018-05-03

    Birth of 3D4amb

    Angelo Gargantini and Silvia Bonfanti founded SE4Med (Software Engineering for Medical Devices) laboratory

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Angelo Gargantini

Angelo Gargantini

Associate Professor

  • Webpage
  • Email: angelo.gargantini@unibg.it

He works in the area of software engineering. His research topics include: formal methods, astract state machines, formal verification and model checking, model-based testing, and combinatorial testing.

Silvia Bonfanti

Silvia Bonfanti


  • Webpage
  • Email: silvia.bonfanti@unibg.it

Her research interests include Abstract State Machines, model-based testing, automatic code generation, formal development of medical software systems.